What happens if the booking is a no-show?

Updated on 11/01/2018, 15:46

From Desktop > Bookings, the hotel can access to all bookings, which can be cancelled at any time.

If the cancellation was not made withing the period stipulated in the terms and conditions of cancellation, you can get the data from the cutomer ir order to apply hotel's cancellation and no-show terms and conditions. In this sense, BookingCore will provide the hotel the customer's credit card details.

These terms and conditions of cancellation are included in the booking process that the customer has previously accepted.

The commission charged by BookingCore will be calculated based only on the total paid by the customer, for example, if the terms and conditions of cancellation stipulate that in case of No Show the hotel will charge the price of the first night, the commission will be based on this first nigh, not on the total amount of the reservation.

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