Product and solution

List of features

BookingCore is the perfect solution for your hotel to increase the direct sales.

Get already all the tools and services you need to boost your direct sales and pay only for results.

Forget about the ones that treat you as anyone else and get from BookingCore a personalized service with a tailor-made solution, alongside with a human team that will make you feel always supported.

Our secret undoubtedly is our service and support.

Website & Mobile

Web & Mobile. 

The difference is in the details. 

We design together a new web and a mobile web 100% personalized and tailor-made, it will communicate the values and advantages of your brand/product and will be adapted to your target customer. Because every customer is unique, we design unique solutions.

The best way to convince the user is being unique, let’s do it!
  • Web Responsive 

    With BookingCore you would get a unique web, always updated, without investment and tedious and endless developments.
    A web that converts is a web updated and trending setter.

  • Mobile Web 

    Don’t not limit your website to a responsive one, the trend is to create a website designed specifically for mobile and its users. Get your mobile web immediately and you will be able to create your own strategy for these specific users.
    The increase of mobile device users is a reality, don’t skip them! 

  • Content manager

    A CMS from which you can carry out in the easiest, more intuitive and fastest way. Any change, improvement or extension of your website.
    Our tools grow with our clients, we assure you the development of any functionality you need.
    Take full advantage of our potential and be independent.


  • Corporate design
  • Design always updated
  • Streategy per user and device
  • Brand impact
  • Sales increase
  • Multi-language
  • Developments in a record time
  • Support team

Booking Engine.

The most powerful +12% conversion rate!

 Do not hesitate it anymore, get the most powerful booking engine in the market and increase more than a 70% your current conversion rate.

BookingCore has achieved to combine all the hotelier needs with the customer purchasing needs.  And not happy with only that, we develop any possible need that may arise to keep this perfect combination.

Convert your traffic into bookings is possible, let’s do it!
  • Multi-device

    A booking engine 100% responsive is possible, with BookingCore you would not only have a responsive booking engine, but also adapted to the user’s needs based on the device they are using and the dates they are booking.

    For example, if a user is at the destination and is looking for a reservation through a mobile phone for the same day we would need to ask less information as per this user requires a fast and easy process to make the reservation

  • 100% corporate

    To convince the user he needs to get security. What better way than a hotel's own website. BookingCore Booking Engine is 100% adapted to your brand image and implemented within your own website, without subdomains or jumps to other pages.

  • Combination of rates

    The best available rate is an assured success. Our booking engine combines rates, making the difference from other distributors and always offering the best available rate.

  • Availability management and pricing update

    Your direct sales channel allows you to differentiate from the rest and one of the best ways to do so is to promote your offers and packages. Do not limit yourself to selling beds.

    • Dates of operation and dates of stay.
    • For every X nights, get X nights for free
    • Min. and max stay, release ... per hotel/s, room/s, rate/s.
    • Extra services included
    • Discounts on boards
  • Offers and Packs

    Selling more and better takes a lot of work, for this reason BookingCore offers to the hotelier all the help and support needed on the daily management.

    • Date of operation and stay
    • For every X night, X nights for free
    • Minimum and maximum stay, release,... per hotel/s, room/s, contracts,...
    • Extras incluided
    • Discounts on boards 
    • Promocodes, one-person promocodes, promocodes with allotment,...
  • Add-ons and Apps

    Do not limit yourself to your own website, connecting helps us attract traffic and convert more. We connect with partners.

    Logos partners

Marketing solution


The best strategy is the key

The distribution channels in the tourism market have changed over the last years. Traditional media is not anymore, the most efficient way to get to customers and everyday more and more the On Line presence is the key for a successful direct sales strategy for a hotel.

Everything starts with an updated website and the best booking engine. Now is the moment to attract users to that website. But not any user, we should attract quality users in order to convert into sales and increase the conversion rate.

At BookingCore we develop the best marketing strategy for your brand through with you will be competing with your direct channel. We invest for you, unlimited budget where you only pay for the results.
  • SEO 

    "Naturally" we care about your positioning.

  • PPC 

    We manage your campaigns.

  • Email Marketing 

    Communicate with your potential customers simply. 

  • Retargeting 

    We recover your potential customers and we convince them.

  • Prospecting 

    Convert strangers into guests.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    More and better results.

  • All adds up

    And any campaign or action that would help to sell more and better.


A good service is reflected
in a good support.

A team of professionals concerned about the daily growth of your direct sales. Forget about your doubts, trials, problems,… rely on a whole team of professional that will help you sell more and convert your direct channel in to you main sales channel. 
  • Ticketing 24/7 

    For any doubt, query or incidence.


Availability on the web
doesn't just depend on the hotel.

To sell is necessary that the website is 100% operational, agile, fast and without failures. With our technology platform this is guaranteed.

We care about the set-up of the new website and we manage the launch: Pre-production to review and test the new web, domain management, SSL certification, Redirects,… and then, the most important, we care about the server platform where all our customer are hosted: performance based on their needs.
  • Domain

  • Hosting 

  • SSL Certificate

Everything and more.

We take care of your needs.

The list of services could be infinite and no matter how much we explain about our product, there is nothing like a chat in person. At BookingCore we undertake every project as unique and it’s developed 100% based on the customer’s needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will adapt to your needs.

Your goal

Our goal.

We know which is your objective and we share the same one, increase the direct sales, for this reason we will collaborate with you in order to achieve it. We are committed to a continuous evolution on your online business, personalized advise, updates… with BookingCore you are not only contracting a service, you are contracting a much better service through a company with more that 20 years of experience.

And best of all,

No sign up fee, no fixed rate and no ongoing commitment!